TOP CURE Products

Innovations in Hair Care.

To ensure long-lasting hair beauty, it is essential to apply high-quality hair care products. MAYA PROFESSIONAL TOP CURE is a complete hair care system that offers a range of products for all hair types developed by professionals for professionals.

MAYA PROFESSIONAL experts in hair care have developed innovative formulas for shampoos, conditioners and hair masks tailored to the specific needs of different hair types.

Our reliable TOP CURE products enable you to provide your clients with individual hair care solutions and to deliver high performance results in your salon. Discover our complete portfolio of top-of-the-line products.

For longer-lasting color brilliance & shine

Enriched with jojoba and apricot seed oil, TOP CURE Shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair. Our TOP CURE Conditioner with apricot kernel oil nourishes and adds moisture to the hair to enhance color shine without reducing its radiance and longevity

The vitamin-enriched TOP CURE Hairmask reduces hair breakage and adds brilliance and healthy shine. TOP CURE Hair Mask restores hair to its optimal level of health, leaving hair feeling silky and soft.

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For nourished, beautiful hair with a healthy shine.

TOP CURE Shampoos and Conditioners are formulated for everyday use and provide noticeably softer, suppler and shinier hair. All Shampoos and Conditioners contain enriching ingridients and are tailored to the specific needs of your clients hair.

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