Ultimate definition. Ultimate Style.

Whether you aim to achieve a fashionable straight look or trendy curls,WAVE PRO offers great forming solutions ensuring ultimate care.

WAVE PRO Perm and WAVE PRO Straightener are a new waving and straightening regime designed for professional hairstylists by MAYA PROFESSIONAL experts in hair care and form.

Discover the perfect foundation for your professional in-salon treatments by WAVE PRO. Perfectly defined, long-lasting curls are essential to a trendy natural styling. WAVE PRO Perm and Neutralizer is an effective perm system specifically designed for professional hairdressers by experts in perming. Furthermore our styling experts have developed a reliable straightening system – the WAVE PRO Straightener and the WAVE PRO Neutralizing Cream.

Straightening hair while looking after it

WAVE PRO Straightener Normal & Strong are highly effective hair straightening creams enriched with jojoba and avocado oil.

Used with WAVE PRO Straightener Neutralizing Cream, our Straightener achieves a natural looking straightness with luminous shine.

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A professional perm system for optimum perm and style results.

WAVE PRO Perm is a unique system that delivers defined, long-lasting curls and waves with soft, luxuriously silky hair. It is designed to provide the exact level of care for normal, colored or bleached and resistant hair.

The enriching ingredients protect the hair during the perm process and create glamorous volumized and bouncy curls.

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Worry-free perming for long-lasting, resilient waves and curls

Wavepro offers perm solutions ideal for normal hair (Perm N), for color-treated hair (Perm G) and for natural & resistant hair (Perm R). Its innovative formula includes amphomer, which provides outstanding hold and form maintenance.

WAVE PRO Perm Neutralizer is created to suit all WAVE PRO form lotions perfectly guaranteeing optimum perm and style results. Its premium ingredients provide rapid stabilization and gently strengthen the hair.

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